Our Teachers


My name is Mesmes [Mash-Mash]. I am dancing social partner dances since 2004. Since 2013, I dance Brazilian zouk. I would like to introduce this wonderful dance to you, which has so much creative potential, helps you to connect to your soul and that of others, and opens a way to such beautiful feelings and states.

Mesmes is a lover of music and dance since childhood. After rhythmic gymnastics, aerobics, organizing and choreographing a school dance group and some hip-hop dancing, she turned to ballroom dancing around 2004, then continued with salsa, boogie-woogie and west coast swing, with a 2 year belly dance detour. Already in high school, she got behind the decks to play music at a party. In 2010, she started playing salsa at the Parkett Klub, where she also contributed as organizer, and later played at ceroc and west coast swing nights. Almost 10 years ago, in 2013, she became attracted to kizomba and Brazilian zouk. This fascination has continued ever since. 🙂 She first studied zouk in budapest with Ronaldo Magalhaes de Aguiar, then in 2015, she started going to festivals abroad and started organizing zouk parties, where she got back behind the decks as a zouk DJ. She has become more and more involved in music, started producing remixes, and is now invited to play at international events. In the meantime, she also began to pursue a path of self-discovery and spirituality, taking up yoga and tantra, which has significantly transformed her outlook and understanding of life.

“I think dance, like yoga or martial arts, is also a path of self-awareness, so it’s a path worth pursuing with conscious presence, and one of the best ways to connect with the present moment, with yourself and with your fellow human beings. This is the awareness and feeling I want to awaken, to transmit through zouk dance and exercises in my classes, and to help pave the way to deeper connections and dance experiences.”

My Teachers

Who I had the pleasure to learn Brazilian zouk from: Ronaldo Magalhaes de Aguilar, Evelyn Magyari Lopez, Derrick Lopez, Anderson Mendes da Rocha, Brenda Carvalho, William Teixeira, Paloma Alves, Alex de Carvalho, Mathilde Dos Santos, Bruno Galhardo, Raiza Galhardo, Eglantine Oliveira, Alisson Sandi, Audrey Isautier, Rodrigo Delano, Adriana Coutinho, Ruana Vasquez, Ludek Luzny, Pavla Luzna, Monica Nenickova, Jakub Jakoubek, Renato Veronezi, Henry El Velandia (Ry’El), Michael Anderson, Aline Borges, Larissa Thayane, Kadu Pires, Adilio Porto, Lucia Kubasova, William Dos Santos, Lui Salton, Larissa Almeida, Pedrinho Mattos, Linda Mattos, Rick Torri, Larissa Secco, Marck Silva & Melyssa Tamada, Willem Engel, Xena Georgina, Modestas Stonkus, Andrada Calugar, Cristian Calugar, Andreas Stuhlmüller, Monica Stuhlmüller, Dorottya Ujszászi (Dotty), Pasty Pastycho, Arthur & Aiste

Who I had the pleasure to learn music from: Árpád Fasang Music School – flute, Gábor Kósa (drums & percussion), Écska Pleszkán (singing), ImPro School Budapest, Sonic School Budapest, Karina Batista (DJ Kakah)