Zouk Spirit Summer Retreat

Meet Your Zouk Tribe in the Beating Heart of Nature!

We are so excited to invite you to our dance retreat inside the magical forests of the beautiful Pilis hills close to Budapest to a weekend with a talented couple, Cédric & Olga teaching you Brazilian zouk, and DJ Mesmes playing her best music to you all. The Zouk Family is gathering in the beating heart of Europe!

If you are a couple and you would want to come with your children, please contact us, because we aim to welcome families at the event and see how we can arrange.


Olga & Cédric met in Croatia two years ago and from then they are training together and sometimes teaching as well. In their classes, they are aiming to find a balance between technique and giving fun for people, and trying to give exactly the things they need at the moment.

Olga, like a good Russian lady, started her dance career at the age of 5 with the traditional Russian folk dance. She completed her musical studies in the school time and at the university she met the world of couple dances. Then she fell in love first with kizomba and later with zouk. Since 3 years ago, she is teaching regular classes in Bremen. She has a technical mind and the eyes of an eagle. Do you know any teacher who sees absolutely everything in the classes? This is Olga. Followers, prepare yourself!

Cédric [szédrik] comes from France. He was inspired a lot by Xandy and Evelyn. He is dancing zouk since 2014, and salsa since 23 and tango since 15 years ago. He likes flowy continuous movements, deep connection and feelings in the dance. Also he likes the level of body consciousness which zouk brings to people.

Mesmes: intro at the DJs section.


DJ el Piedro (Poland) — mixcloud.com/djelpiedro

DJ el Piedro is an experienced DJ associated with the Polish social dance scene for many years. However, it was zouk and zoukable music that totally stole his heart. His music always provides variety, flavour and many emotions. He is marked by a huge sensitiveness to the dance floor. He organically feels dancers mood and adjust the right pace and energy of the music. His DJ sets can be heard at many Polish and international events as well as at regular zouk parties in Poland and Germany. He was performing as a resident DJ on the international music station, I Heart Zouk Radio and also actively helped to develop the radio. El Piedro also runs his own internet radio, where he plays and talks about music. He will bring his huge heart and his best vibes to our retreat. ❤

DJ TouchZouk (Russia)  mixcloud.com/dj_touchz

DJ TouchZouk, originally coming from the vibrant depths of Russia, is a world-traveling DJ with a passion for emotional and flowy music that keeps dancers moving endlessly. His journey began with DJing regularly in Russia and organizing his own mesmerizing parties for several years. He also joined I Heart Zouk Radio as a resident DJ and tech maestro, where he was mastering the art of live streams and remote DJing on the way. DJ TouchZouk has performed at events around the globe, including the sun-kissed shores of Mexico and the pulsating heart of Brazil, the very birthplace of zouk itself. With a keen understanding of the importance of connection and flow, he will prepare special sets for this event that will allow you to fully immerse yourselves in the music and enjoy dancing together.

DJ Mesmes (Hungary)  mixcloud.com/djmesmes  dj.mesmes.hu

Mesmes is in love with music and dance since childhood. After many dance styles, in 2013, she fell in love with Brazilian zouk. First she learned in Budapest, but later I started to attend international events to improve her zouk dancing. In 2015, she started to organize zouk parties in Budapest and she got back behind the decks as a zouk DJ. In the meantime, she also began to pursue a path of self-discovery and spirituality, diving into yoga and tantra, which has significantly transformed her outlook and understanding of life. She blends many styles of zoukable music as she finds the best thing about zouk that it is so universal, so musical, and can go so deep! Conscious dancing is one of the best ways to connect with the present moment, with yourself and your partners. Additionally, zouk allows dancers to experience a huge variety of feelings, dynamics, and rhythms on the dancefloor, an amazingly high level of connection! As a DJ, she likes to see dancers enjoying the moment, feeling each other, merging and becoming one with music and experiencing the wonder of here and now.

— more DJs to come…

Location & Venue

— in the beating heart of Europe, in Dobogókő (meaning beating stone)
— among the hills near the Danube river
— 130 square meters of dancefloor near the forest
— sleeping in yurts (with isolated wooden floor, no need to be afraid of cold)
— bathrooms just renovated
— breakfast, lunch and dinner in the beautiful Zsindelyes Restaurant designed by Makovecz Imre, the famous Hungarian architect
— fresh air and beautiful environment near the forest!

Imádni fogod! 🧡

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Program Teaser (Friday-Monday)

— min. 6 zouk workshops with Cédric & Olga
— zouk musicality class with Mesmes
— 3 zouk parties
— sauna & bath tub
— 1 cacao ceremony
— a bit of yoga
— dancing, dancing and dancing!
— outdoor program in nature on Monday (So don’t leave early!)
— sightseeing in Budapest on Friday afternoon
— hopefully more to come…

Find more detailed information about passes, food and accomodation on the event page:

Photos: dobogoko.hu