Brazilian Zouk Beginner's Course

At the moment, we do not have any running courses, but you can still take private classes. Also, please subscribe to our e-mail list to get notified if we decide to have group classes again.

You may have come across a video of Anderson and Brenda dancing on the internet. If you haven’t, here’s one of them:

Many have been captivated by their dance connection. When I had the privilege of taking one of their classes years ago, I felt they brought a new color and a new attitude to zouk dance life and teaching. At last, not only polishing the surface, but going beyond the steps and figures, with conscious presence, connecting to self and the music, turning to the partner with respect and patience, building connection and leading to the depths of dance that nourishes the soul so much!

Come and dive into the connection with yourself, the music, your partner and the moment in Brazilian zouk dance! Dedicate an hour and a half a week to yourself, learn the dance, and get to know yourself even better in the process! You can come alone or with your partner.

Your teacher will be Mesmes.

” I am Mesmes, I do partner dancing since 2004, I dance brazilian zouk since 2013. I aim to show you this miraculous dance which creates so much space for creativity, allows you to connect to your soul and to that of your partners, and opens up the way to wonderful feelings, states and emotions.”

“I think dance, like yoga or martial arts, is also a path of self-awareness, so it’s a path worth taking with conscious presence, and one of the best ways to connect with the present moment, with yourself and with your partners. This is the awareness and feeling I want to awaken, to transmit through zouk dance and class exercises, and to help pave the way to deeper connections and dance experiences.”

Date & Time

Thursdays from 8:00-10:00 pm.

You choose the price of your first class! Please put your donation in the dedicated box.

Please pre-register at the link at the bottom this page!

Due to the immersive nature of the class, you may disrupt the proceedings by arriving late, so please arrive a quarter hour early so that you have time to change, register, and we can get started on time.

Location & Venue

The class will take place in the beautiful Broadway room in the basement of La Place Studio.

In the changing room (also in the basement) there are lockers and shower as well.

Address: La Place Studio, 1025 Budapest, Szépvölgyi út 44.

Parking: In front of Szépvölgyi út 23. or NNG building, 8:00-20:00: 450 HUF/h

What to Bring?

— Comfortable clothes that you can move and stretch in. Jeans will not be a good choice this time, a loose pair of linen pants is better.
— A pair of socks, dance shoes, or shoes that don’t have sticky soles. For ladies, I would not recommend heels this time.
— Please take care of hygiene. If you can, wash up before class, wear a clean shirt and use deodorant.
— Your openness and kindness! 🙂

Hozzájárulás – Energiacsere

You choose the price of your first class! Please put your donation in the dedicated box.

Before and after the class you can buy your pass.

— pass for 4 classes (4*120 minutes): 18000 HUF (2250 HUF/60 minutes) — valid for 5 weeks

— pass for 8 classes (8*120 minutes): 32000 HUF (2000 HUF/60 minutes) — valid for 10 weeks

— Couples pre-registering together get 1000 Ft discount each! (Please enter your partner’s name when registering!)

— Day Pass (120 mins): 5000 HUF

If you have any questions, please contact us here.

For further info, subscribe to our email list.

Come and connect!

We look forward to seeing you:

Photos: Pál Krisztina, Gangel Gergely, La Place Studio | Graphic Design: Mesmes