Music for Brazilian Zouk Dancing

At a Brazilian zouk party, the music has a great variety. Contrary to the common belief, not only kizomba music is played, even traditional Caribbean zouk songs are rarely to be heard. Today, it is more appropriate to call most of these songs zoukable. Typically, contemporary pop and R&B hits or their zoukable remixes, kizomba, latin pop, dubstep, chillstep and oriental (Iranian, Arabic, etc.) songs, as well as emotional soul and acoustic tracks are on the playlist. The ratio of musical styles varies by country, continent, and community. For linguistic and cultural reasons, in Brazil, for example, kizomba music is more popular, while in Europe there are fewer Portuguese songs and more English ones.

At the beginning of 2020, the first online zouk radio called I Heart Zouk Radio was launched, where zouk DJs from all over the world play non stop, including DJ Mesmes from Hungary.

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